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ลูกค้าสามารถกดดาวน์โหลด ฟรี!

Roses pattern


Cat - pattern

This free embroidery pattern is the cat’s meow. Using geometric shapes including circles and triangles - this cute cat will make a great decor piece for your little one’s bedroom! Embroider the pattern on a hooped wall hanging, or even on a pillow casing!

Marta Insa is a Spanish designer specialising in both embroidery and jewelry. She started the project Aroforkids in 2010, to create special, handmade pieces for children's bedrooms and nurseries. Primarily focusing on embroidery as it gives both texture and volume to her original drawings, she uses both simple geometric shapes and playful patterns in her work

Dragonfruit pattern

Discover the exotic fruits of Central America with this free embroidery pattern! Featuring a Dragon Fruit, this bold design incorporates vibrant pinks and greens that will catch anyone’s eye. Stitch this colourful design onto any tote bag or denim jacket and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Jodie Ruffle is a London based designer who also teaches a Fashion Textiles course at Middlesex University. While she was always interested in Art, Design and Fashion, her interest for embroidery came later thanks to an intensive course on Couture Embellishment at London College of Fashion. Her work focuses on challenging opposites - juxtaposing diffferent materials, playing with old and new, and concepts of femininity and masculinity.

Bee - pattern

Add a whole lot of colour to your next embroidery project! This free pattern will brighten up your next few days while you stitch this little bee, surrounded by different coloured flowers

Ruby Taylor is a freelance illustrator and designer based in the UK. She has worked on various projects among which editorial illustrations, live illustration and scribing, print and pattern designs, murals, fashion and stationery designs.

Flamingo - patternarticle

This free pattern brings colour, pattern and symmetry to your next embroidery project. With different shades of green and a bold pink for the flamingos, you’ll grab the attention of anyone nearby.

Holly Maguire is a London based designer who features lots of colours and playful imagery in her work. She draws inspiration from vintage advertising, Japanese illustration, botanical gardens, watching people (and dogs), and visiting museums. Coming from a creative family, Holly has always seen drawing as a form of expression and a great way of escaping to another world.

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