Super Elu -250M ด้ายเรืองแสง Glow in the dark thread

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ด้ายเรืองแสง Glow in the dark thread

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ยาว 250เมตร

✔ HIGHLIGHT YOUR CLOTH - It definitely Glows in the Dark!!! 

✔ SIX ESSENTIAL COLORS - Amazing 6 Essential Colors of Glow in the Dark Thread Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Green, Yellow, 250 meter length each spool perfectly decorate your T-shirts in Party, Halloween, Christmas Season, even the Sky and Stars projects!

✔ ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Glow in the Dark Thread is using environmental material. It will not harm your skins. Resistance color fading is also outstanding, thread holds up colors in daily use no matter laundering, bleaching, rubbing, washing, perspiration, etc.

✔ CAUTION - Glow in Dark Thread DO GLOW in the dark evening, WILL NOT GLOW in the daytime. Few customers reported the thread not glow at all, because they put in the day light to check. It should be checked in the total dark evening.


Made in Japan



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