Clover#25-051 ไม้บรรทัด Set 3 ชิ้น Dressmaker Ruler

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ไม้บรรทัด Set 3 ชิ้น Clover #25-051 Dressmaker Ruler

- 1 Set มี 3 ชิ้น

- เหมาะสำหรับโค้งคอเสื้อ, แขนเสื้อ, ชายกระโปรง

Corresponds to curves often used in sewing.

Two types of curve rulers and a mini ruler (15 cm) are included in the set when copying the pattern or drawing. It has a parallel line scale that is convenient for seam allowance, so you can easily and cleanly seam allowance.

A deep curve ruler is convenient for collars and armholes, a shallow curve ruler is for hem and hip line, and a mini ruler (15 cm) is convenient for measuring small areas. Comes with a special case that can store all three. It can also be used for drafting and paper pattern correction.

Package size: 140 x 350 x 5 mm

Item number: 25-051

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